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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What a fantastic summer we are having! So far we haven't had a rained off day, so our summer courses have been somewhat al fresco. We are keeping a regular update on our Facebook page but realise that not all of our friends follow us that way so here's a quick resume of the last couple of months -

In June Eleanor was off for a somewhat less stressful trip than her last one to Spain, leading a workshop at Almuna, Adalucia, home of Arbuthnott holidays. A wonderful week of warm weather, inspirational surroundings and incredible hospitality was enjoyed by all, not least Eleanor!

Also in June there was another hugely successful Playing with Silver weekend workshop with Merlin Planterose.

But as the end of June approached, our minds were filling with thoughts of preparing for the oncoming summer school weeks. We were relieved to see Emily Wilkinson arrive, fresh and eager to get on with preparing the studios and stocking up on materials to last through the summer weeks.

Emily is a former portfolio course student that has taken up our offer of spending a summer in Ullapool. This rather contrasts with the winter she experienced living here to attend the full time course last year.

Windows on the World

Our first week of summer school classes. It was wonderful to be able to use the garage space that has now become another of the Bridge House Studio spaces. We have set up the printing presses and will be using it to its full capacity over the next few weeks, but for now Eleanor has set up some amazing still life installations of objects and artefacts left behind from the previous owner.

Object and Memory 
This was our second summer school week and the day spent painting on the beach at Achiltibuie was fantastic; overlooking the Summer Isles and Mainland hills, it doesn't get much better.
Everyone settled back into the studios and produced and incredible amount of stunning pieces of work.

Jacqueline Watt was the first of our visiting tutors and she pushed our students quite hard, but the end results were well worth the effort that everyone put in. 
What with the dazzling colour palette that Jacqueline uses alone with the strong sunshine, anyone would think they were in the Mediterranean, rather than in Ullapool!

Sketchbooks into Print
this was our second week of welcoming a visiting tutor, Kittie Jones. Kittie has been coming up to Ullapool form Edinburgh for quite a few years now, leading week workshops on Tanera Mor. This year she had the joy of using our new print shed / garage/ studio for her group of budding printmakers. Another hugely enjoyable and productive week.

Meanwhile, whilst the Bridge House Studios were full to the limits of their lovely walls, Eleanor was off down to Yorkshire leading a sketchbook course at Jack Beck House.
Everyone there worked away at creating small buy beautifully formed sketchbooks, aided by some great weather and home cooking!

And lastly, Christine and Emily were flying the Bridge House Art flag in the Art Tent at the Ullapool Skiff regatta.
Another amazing weekend of off-shore coastal rowers and their families descended on to the shores of Loch Broom to enjoy a weekend of frantic rowing and general fun in and around Ullapool. Lovely mono prints were made by artists of all ages to help the 'Scape' fundraising project for an Talla Solais!

Watch out for another update and latest news soon!

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